Counting the Days!

The transformation of this unique Inn and Cottages is nothing less than phenomenal.  We have been coming to Sunset Beach since the mid 1990’s and have always enjoyed the beautiful beach, the variety of friendly people and the relaxed atmosphere.  We stayed at the old Coral Lee motel many times as well as visiting guests for many years. When we arrived last year for our winter vacation, we were greeted and welcomed by the new owners, Laurie and Michele.  They made us feel like we had known them for years.  They had just taken over ownership and immediately started the renovation.  The trash dumpsters, bull dozers, construction workers, roofers, electrical contractors, landscapers, and painters all arrived and worked day in and day out.  Michele, Laurie, Phillip and Lori, and others, worked alongside them and never lost sight of their desire to make this the best place on Sunset Beach.

The renovation has gone on all year and we have been watching the pictures that have been posted, wishing that we were there to participate and celebrate.  We are so excited to go back for winter vacation, to our new home away from home, with everything new and fresh, including the new name of the cottage and the herb garden just outside the door.
We still have 58 days to go before we can get there, but who’s counting( haha). We’ve already started packing!
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